Husqvarna Viking sewing machine motor brushes

Husqvarna viknig sewing machine Husqvarna Viking motor assembly

Husqvarna Viking sewing machine

Check both carbon brushes by removing the brush cap. The carbon brushes should be at least 50% the size of new ones. It is recommended that both the carbon brush and spring be replaced. After installing new carbon brushes dress the commutator to seat the brushes.

The Husqvarna Viking sewing machine motor noise is affected by the load and the belt tension. If the motor deviates from normal check the tension of the cog belt. When replacing carbon brushes it is important to note the model of the machine. Starting with 6460 the carbon brush holder (16) was redesigned. Once the carbon has worn the holder will not allow the carbon brush spring (13) to ride the commutator. When ordering carbon brushes it is best to use the 40 16295-01 from 6460 and later models. For earlier models use the carbon brush 41 14 934-01 which will repel from the commutator automatically when the carbon is worn.

Husqvarna Viking sewing machine motor brushes

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