Bernina Nova 900 Sewing machine| Absolute Sewing in Wellington

Bernina Nova 900 Sewing machine| Absolute Sewing in Wellington:

Bernina Nova 900 Instruction manual PDF download

How to clean, oil and thread an older style Bernina Nova 900 sewing machine. If you can't find your user manual then this will show you how to get your machine up and running.

Bernina 1080 dead

My Bernina is about 15 years old and has been well cared for. It stopped going so I had an electrician check the power cord and was told it had a broken wire.  My sister managed to find a second hand one from the Christchurch Bernina shop but when we plugged it in the machine still would not go so I had it checked by a serviceman who seemed to think the mother board had gone.  What I want to know is can they be repaired or do you have to send to Switzerland for a replacement and at what cost would it be.  I have been told that maybe there is another board that may go and it would also be costly to repair so I have been advised to buy another machine. I have the extra feet for this machine and I am really asking you for your opinion as to what to do for the best.  I have found your site on the computer.  Would you be so kind as to give me an opinion on this matter. I cannot afford to go to an expensive machine again but have had a little look at a Janome DC 2101.

Cascade CE120SM sewing machine

Cascade CE120SM sewing machine
I have a Cascade CE120SM sewing machine which I purchased from the Warehouse about six years ago.  I have been unable to use it because it seems to seize up or jam up whenever I try to use it. Have done everything in the manual to make it go incl. oil in the designated places.  It seems there might be something wrong with the feeder/bobbin area as the needle seems to get jammed up where the bobbin is when I start the machine going.  Have done everything according to the manual but still no luck.

Is it something I am (still ) doing wrong or is it an actual problem with the machine?

Sewing Machine Timing Instructions pic.
Check your hook timing(your hook should pass behind the needle hole.