Elna air electronic foot control repair and parts

New Elna air electronic foot control

You can by  a new complete Elna air foot control from this link: Elna air electronic foot control in New Zealand. The other parts are available on request and can be found be widely on the internet. You can also by a complete foot control from the links below. This foot control and parts are compatible with the Elna Sewing Machine Models: Air Electronic 38, 39, 58, 59, 68, 69, Carina Jubilee 45, 46, 55, 56, 65, 66, 500, Lotus 22, Stella 17, 27, 37, 57, SU.

Repairing a faulty Elna air electronic foot control:

I’ve set out the following faults that can be checked before buying a new foot control. The easiest way of finding these faults are to dip it in water,  close off the foot control head and apply pressure on the air control membrane to see where the air bubbles escape. This should give you a good indication where the foot control is leaking air.

Finding and repairing the leak

  1. Foot control hose 988667-003: The Elna foot control Hose 988667-003 can get a hole or cut. You can always cut out the damaged part of the hose and providing it is still long enough use the narrow plastic ink tube of a empty ballpoint pen to join it.

  2. Membrane 436410-10: It is not worth trying to repair the Membrane 436410-10

  3. Elna hose head 436410-H: Elna Hose Head 436410-H can get little cracks and won’t seal anymore

  4. Membrane holding plate: Membrane holding plate gets cracked from age or when the four holding screws are tightened to hard. You will get a leek between the membrane and the holding plate

  5. Elna hose head 436410-H: You can easily repair your hose in the same manner as the Singer Foot control below


It can be easily repaired using the inner tube of a old ballpoint ink pen


Cut a piece of tube for connecting the hoses


Insert the plastic tube halfway into the hose

Elna air electronic foot control repair and parts

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  1. my elna lotus foot control pedal works intermittently. It particularly doesnt like the reverse stitch!


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