Sewing Machine Interference Capacitor

Bernina  smoking and running by itself or causing a dead short

The interference capacitors go faulty because of age and quality. It is common with the older Bernina machines lioke the Bernina Favourite 830, Minimatic, Sport, 807, 800, 808 etc.  and even newer models: 1120, 1000, etc. This is not isolated to Bernina and can happen to the Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer Machines.
On the older machines it should be an straight forward repair, but on the newer models the capacitors are inter graded into the power supplies.

The interference capacitor has gone faulty on your motor or in your foot control(Depending on the type). The machine will work fine without it but it won't meet IEC International Standards to help prevent interference between systems. (Static on your radio, TV etc.). If you are not sure check with a qualified electrical worker. Your can find more information at the following links:

Bernina Capacitors
Sewing Machine Electronics

A new one should be about $100NZD or you can make one up. I'll also add a link to a post on the wiring diagram that you can get directly from the electric component. Remember to comply to electrical and safety regulations.

On request I'll try and provide more information on how to make up a new interference capacitor.l

Wiring Diagram

Bernina 1010
Pfaff 1222
Pfaff 1222

Bernina 1120, 1130, 1230
Elna Star Series

Testing for electrical safety