Husqvarna viking 2000 sewing machine gear

Husqvarna Viking Power Gear Husqvarna Viking Power Gear

The husqvarna viking 2000 sewing machine power gear or lower gear or gearshift is a practical future to lower the sewing machine speed. This video will show you how it operate and solve some basic problems

Husqvarna Viking 2000 sewing machine

Materials used making the Husqvarna Viking 2000 sewing machine and power gear

Most of the small details (parts) of the sewing machine are made of steel or steel alloys with different grades of tempering. However, quite a lot of the details in the mechanisms are made of die-cast aluminum. In addition, here are some details which must have good bearing properties and wear resistance, which are made of different sorts of plastic. On the subject of plastic, it is important to distinguish between the type of plastic used in design details and the type used for inexpensive packing and throw-away wrappings. The construc­tional plastics have completely different properties and are considerably more expensive. If a detail, e.g., a cog wheel or a programmer, is made of plastic, it must have advantages over metal – e.g., a cog gear will function more smoothly 20 and quietly; a cog gear or programmer will have more wear resistance. If the Husqvarna viking 2000 sewing machine power gear is made of metal it will wear much quicker, even when using the best special steel, as long as the properties are not changed completely by means of an 0il bath or the like. You can find the Husqvarna Viking Technical Manual at this link.

I’ve add more related videos on how to repair your Husqvarna Viking 2000 sewing machine.


Husqvarna viking 2000 sewing machine gear

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