Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair tips. Removing covers, sewing foot repair and general repair tips

The needle position not aligning could be because your machine needs a good clean and oiling. I’m not sure if your model have a button hole function. Make sure it is not engaged. Sometimes the shaft where the reverse unit turns in get sticky and does not return with your button hole dial. You will have to oil and warm it up with a hair dryer or use a special release oil. You will get access to it by removing the side cover. It can take a while to work in the fresh oil.

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Brother XL-2220 tension problem

Brother XL-2220 tension problem. I bought the machine second hand, and was warned of potential tension issues, however when I used the machine it ran fine. After a little light sewing (three cotton baby bibs), it suddenly stopped working. By this I mean, the top stich wuold come through fine, but the bottom would just be miles and miles of tangled thread. Under instruction from a seamstress friend I have tried changing the needle, adjusting the tension, and buying a higher quality thread, but unfortunately the problem persists. Do you think this is servicing or repair?

Seems like a normal repair but you can try the following:

Tension Problem

  • Your top tension is too low and should be on 5.

  • Make sure you have some tension on the bobbin case.

  • Make sure no cotton is stuck in-between your top tension plates. (Use a needle to hook it out)

  • Make sure no cotton is stuck in-between your bobbin case tension plates. (Use a needle to hook it out)

  • Your bobbin case could be damaged.(Sometimes you can remove the hooks on it)

  • Double check your threading.

  • The bobbin case stopper could be loose(Look at the images attached.)

Bobbin case stopper:


Brother XL-2220 tension problem

Upper tension assembly MO-2052

Upper tension assembly Upper tension assembly

Upper tension assembly

Upper tension assembly for some Globe and Kenmore sewing machines are the same. The barrel width is (18mm/11/16″) and a spring that pulls up. The barrel width must be the same to fit into tension unit hole. When you open the light cover you can see the screw holding the upper tension assembly. The upper tension assembly should just pull out when the screw is loosened. Just take not of the tension release pin not to loose it.

Upper tension assembly MO-2052

Make sure not to push the upper tension assembly to deep so that the tension release pin push the tension plates open. You’ll have zero tension then. If it does not go deep enough your tension release won’t function. The presser bar lever can’t push the tension release pin

You can see in the images below from a Globe 510 sewing machine where to find and loosen the screw holding the upper tension assembly.

Globe 510 sewing machine.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-001.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-002.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-003.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-004.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-005.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-006.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-007.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-008.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-009.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-010.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-011.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-012.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-013.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-014.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-015.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-016.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-017.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-018.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-019.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-020.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-021.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-022.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-023.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-024.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-025.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-026.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-027.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-028.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-029.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-030.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-031.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-032.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-033.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-034.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-035.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-036.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-037.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-038.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-039.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-040.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-041.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-042.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-043.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-044.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-045.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-046.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-047.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-048.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-049.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-050.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-051.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-052.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-053.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-054.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-055.JPGGlobe 510 sewing machine-056.JPGUpper tension assembly MO-2052.jpg

Upper tension assembly MO-2052