Brother XL-2220 tension problem

Brother XL-2220 tension problem. I bought the machine second hand, and was warned of potential tension issues, however when I used the machine it ran fine. After a little light sewing (three cotton baby bibs), it suddenly stopped working. By this I mean, the top stich wuold come through fine, but the bottom would just be miles and miles of tangled thread. Under instruction from a seamstress friend I have tried changing the needle, adjusting the tension, and buying a higher quality thread, but unfortunately the problem persists. Do you think this is servicing or repair?

Seems like a normal repair but you can try the following:

Tension Problem

  • Your top tension is too low and should be on 5.

  • Make sure you have some tension on the bobbin case.

  • Make sure no cotton is stuck in-between your top tension plates. (Use a needle to hook it out)

  • Make sure no cotton is stuck in-between your bobbin case tension plates. (Use a needle to hook it out)

  • Your bobbin case could be damaged.(Sometimes you can remove the hooks on it)

  • Double check your threading.

  • The bobbin case stopper could be loose(Look at the images attached.)

Bobbin case stopper:


Brother XL-2220 tension problem