Quiltique Longarm Quilting Machines – New Zealand

Quiltique Longarm Quilting Machines – New Zealand: "Quilting Machines For The Professional And Beginning Quilter"

Tips & Tricks

  • Quilting 101
  • Loading a Quilt onto the Frame
  • Setting the Timing of the Rotating Hook and Care of the Throatplate
  • Tensions - the BIGGIE
  • Direction-Related Variations in Tension
  • Comparison between PRO and 2KN Models
  • Inspecting and/or Replacing the Motor Brushes
  • Replacing a 1-Stitch or Stop/Start Button Switch
  • Simplified Adjustment Procedures for Intellititch Stitch Regulators
  • Dismounting your Nolting from its Table
  • Table Levelling
  • Discussion on Laser Technology
  • Quiltique Zippers and how to attach them
  • Quiltique Extended Throat Plate and how to attach it
  • Quiltique Arm Extenders
  • Tools

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