Janome Mylock 134d Overlocker Instruction Manual

Janome Mylock 134d Overlocker Instruction Manual:
Janome Mylock 134d Instruction manual
Janome Mylock 134 134D

Janome Mylock 134d Overlocker PDF Instruction Manual in English

Make sure your tension is not to tight and that there is now fluff or cotton stuck in between your tension plates. I sometimes use a string of the stitch to pull in between the tension plates. I always set the needles tension first and then i balance the tension of the upper and lower looper.

Make sure the cotton are not looped around a guide. Black cotton and some cottons can build up their own tension. Try different cotton. I've had many a headache with this problem.

 Check that the needles are not blunt or bent. I always use schmetz needles. If your needle plate has any damage where the cotton can get hooked. Use a small file or sand paper to remove it. The stitch tongue must be very smooth and the stitch must slide of smoothly. Check that your lower looper point does not have a sharp hook on it. You can use a very fine water sand paper to remove it.

If your needles are touching the looper, i could indicate that your lower looper is out of position. *.*(Always check this with new needles)

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