Husqvarna Viking Zig Zag timing

I have replaced the cam and now when I try and do a zig zag pattern the timing is out and the needle starts to zig or zag whilst it is still performing a stitch.

I’ve added two images explaining how to set the Husqvarna Viking zig zag timing, the worm wheel tolerance and a extra diagram for the principle of zigzag synchronisation. This should guide you through the process, else you can always ask a question on the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Husqvarna Viking Zig Zag timing

The general rule for setting the zig zag timing on any sewing machine is as follow, but also apply to setting the Husqvarna Viking zig zag timing:

Set stitch width control at maximum width position. Turn the handwheel, observing that the needle goes straight up with now side movement to a point 2-3 mm above the needle plate. At this point the needle should begin to swing over to the other side. Verify that the needle goes straight down the other side.

If adjustment is necessary, loosen screws on worm gear and turn slightly in either direction.

Sometimes the worm gear can get sticky and won’t move freely. You can warm the worm gear with a hair dryer to loosen the old oil. Applying excessive heat can damage plastic parts of your machine

You can buy the full manual or cam stack gear at these links Husqvarna Technical Manual and the cam stack gear here


Husqvarna Viking Zig Zag timing

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