New Home 672 Sewing Machine Capacitor

New Home 672 Sewing Machine Capacitor

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  1. Hello

    I'm hoping you can help me to identify the rating of a failed capacitor in the foot pedal of a Bernina 807 sewing machine. The body of the capacitor is 40 mm in length and 11 mm in diameter, and is yellow in colour.

    It's difficult to see the markings as the plastic coating has degraded. What I can see is the following:-

    to 2.4 MHz (the 'to' might be something else, but it's difficult to see)
    335.001.001 (markings are difficult to read)
    250 V
    100° C
    There is other information - probably the critical capacitance rating - but it is unreadable

    The link below will take you to my Google Photos website when you can see some photos.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Jeremy Bacon

    1. Hi Jeremy, I added a article at
      with some links to help you find the correct values. You most likely just need a 0.047 uP 300VAC rated capacitor.

    2. Thanks very much for your help. I think I now have enough information to be able to identify a suitable capacitor. Cheers, Jeremy

  2. They are pretty standard and any electronic shop should be able to help with the correct equivalent.


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