Cascade CE120SM sewing machine

Cascade CE120SM sewing machine
I have a Cascade CE120SM sewing machine which I purchased from the Warehouse about six years ago.  I have been unable to use it because it seems to seize up or jam up whenever I try to use it. Have done everything in the manual to make it go incl. oil in the designated places.  It seems there might be something wrong with the feeder/bobbin area as the needle seems to get jammed up where the bobbin is when I start the machine going.  Have done everything according to the manual but still no luck.

Is it something I am (still ) doing wrong or is it an actual problem with the machine?

Sewing Machine Timing Instructions pic.
Check your hook timing(your hook should pass behind the needle hole.


  1. A Couple of things you can check.
    1. Make sure your needle is in deep enough and right way in.
    2. Make sure your top tension is set on five
    3. Make sure there is no cotton stuck in your top tension.
    4. Make sure you have a bit of tension on you bobbin case.
    5. Check that your feed dog is in the raised poisition.
    6. Make sure your hooks point passes behind the needle

    I'm happy to help

  2. Do you know where I can get a bobin holder for Ce1269sm Cascade mini sewing machine.

  3. the power line of my machine islost,how do i buy it

  4. does any one have a cascade ce120sm sewing machine manual? thank you

  5. Does anyone have an instruction manual on how to work this machine... I kind of forgot.

    1. Yup @ - PDF format...

  6. PDF manual for this machine available @ - Cheers!


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