Bernina Nova 900 Sewing machine| Absolute Sewing in Wellington

Bernina Nova 900 Sewing machine| Absolute Sewing in Wellington:

Bernina Nova 900 Instruction manual PDF download

How to clean, oil and thread an older style Bernina Nova 900 sewing machine. If you can't find your user manual then this will show you how to get your machine up and running.


  1. I have a red nova that my grandmother got at a garage sale years ago for two dollars. it does not have a case or a handle on top, or an instruction manual. it tends to have bad tension and the bobbin winder doesn't always work... how can I fix this?

  2. Handle you need to get second hand somewhere?
    Clean in between the two little plates at the top tension, Sometimes you have fluff stuck in it. Make sure the bobbin case is clean and have a bit of tension. If you thread your bobbin case, hold the thread and let the bobbin case dangle. The tension should just hold the weight of the tesnion.

    These problems normally cause long loops at the bottom.

    I think the bobbin winder needs a bit of oil on the shaft.

    Hope that helps


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