Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair tips. Removing covers, sewing foot repair and general repair tips

The needle position not aligning could be because your machine needs a good clean and oiling. I’m not sure if your model have a button hole function. Make sure it is not engaged. Sometimes the shaft where the reverse unit turns in get sticky and does not return with your button hole dial. You will have to oil and warm it up with a hair dryer or use a special release oil. You will get access to it by removing the side cover. It can take a while to work in the fresh oil.

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair


  1. Hi there, we have a Husqvarna 2000, Model 6010. Its not a Viking, and I have been unable to find a service manual online, so was wondering if you could help me with that. My partner hit a zip while he was sewing, and since then, the machine is not picking up the bobbin thread. He is very mechanically able, and could probably fix it - IF we had the service manual or 'technical briefing', as it may be called. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much, Kymmie

  2. Hi SewingNZ

    I have borrowed my mother's Husqvarna 2000 SL Model 6460 sewing machine. I am male and I have never used a sewing machine in my 62 years. However, I have the manual and I have been watching videos on YouTube so, hopefully, I will work out how to use it.

    I want to sew thin tent ripstop nylon and the plastic floor material used in el cheapo tents to join the top of one $12 Coles tent to the bottom of an identical tent. The aim is to create a tailgate tent with a sleeve connecting with bulldog clips to the rubber seal around the tailgate of my station wagon so my partner and I can keep the tailgate open when we sleep in it and keep the mosquitos and rain out.

    However, I have a technical problem.

    When I pulled down the light a brass cylinder fell out. It is 14mm long, 6mm diam, 1mm wall thickness, internal threads.

    Can you please advise where and how to replace it?

    Can you advise when the machine would have been made?

    Do you have any recommendations about what settings on the 5 dials and thread I should use on the machine to sew nylon to nylon and nylon to plastic tarpaulin material?

    Andrew Watson
    Perth, Western Australia

  3. I meant to say I have the A cam installed. If you think another cam would be more suitable for sewing the materials I want to sew my mother says she should be able to find the other cams.

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