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Bernina Nova 900 Instruction manual PDF download - Absolute Sewing Store: "Bernina Nova 900 Instruction manual PDF download

Nova 1

Nova 1

I've had my eyes out for a Bernina Nova for several years now! These are not very common machines -- not very many were sold and they weren't on the market for a very long time (made between 1982 and 1985), so the supply is fairly limited.

When you see one, you see why they're in high demand nowadays -- they're cute! They've got that 'Singer Featherweight' thing going for them -- they're simply cute little beasts! The neat wraparound case (you'll see it in a second) is almost as appealling as the machine itself. That handle is pretty cool, too.

I've seen these in a few different color schemes. There's beige machine and red controls (most common), beige machine with yellow or orange controls (less common), and a really weird looking lime greenish model. You either love or hate the green one -- I'm not too much in favor of it ... but it is really uncommon, so that helps make it more attractive I guess.

At 15 pounds, this machine is easily portable. Not too many stitches to get in the way -- straight, zig, a blanket looking stitch, blindhem, plus a couple of decorative stitches. Standard Bernina mechanical 5 step buttonhole.

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  1. J'ai reçu cette machine mais je n'ai pas le manuel en Français. Ou pourrai-je trouver un ?

  2. noone should ever have to pay for an outdated user manual … someone is clearly making money from nothing … some people are idiots


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