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Brother at your side: "2340CV
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Expand your creativity with Brother's advanced technology.

The 2340CV is an cover seamer designed to cope with today's modern stretch fabrics and is capable of working as a two, three or four thread machine. With six interchangeable attachments (sold separately) and simple-to-use colour-coded threading - the 2340CV is so easy to use.

Other Features:

Chain Stitch

Decorative Stitch

Easy Looper Threading

Lay -in Threading

Narrow Cover Stitch

Tr-Cover Stitch

Wide Cover Stitch

Warranty Period
1 year labour, 2 years electrical parts, 5 years mechanical parts

* Easy to follow lay-in threading.
* Colour-coded threading guide.
* Fast and easy looper threading system.
* Dial adjustment for stich length.
* Stitch length 2mm to 4mm.
* Presser foot pressure adjustment.
* Slide lever adjustment for differential feed.
* Differential feed for perfect seaming on
virtually any fabric type.
* Eliminates the wavy or stretched
* Snap-on presser foot.

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